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AFST 222

Modern Africa has sustained the world's most rapid and profound changes following centuries of the Atlantic slave trade and colonialism. The African continent saw its social systems, economic structures, political organizations, and religious and cultural practices profoundly transformed by centuries of European imperialism. Despite Africa's importance in our shared world history, it is the least understood continent.

The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the broad historical, social, political, and economic forces that have shaped modern Africa. We will approach this course with an interdisciplinary framework to examine the great civilizations of pre-colonial African societies, the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the impact of colonialism, nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and independence movements; social movements and democratization; gender and development, the role of the contemporary African diaspora in African development, and globalization.

Same as ANTH 222, PS 242, AND SOC 222, the course is offered online and in the Summer.

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