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Mary K. Gathogo

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Contact Information

707 S Mathews Ave,
Urbana, IL 61801, USA
Office: 4101 Foreign Language Building

Lecturer; Director Sub-Saharan African Languages Program; Coordinator, Swahili Program; Advisor, Sub-Saharan African Languages Minor

Research Interests

International education
Swahili as a foreign language
Intercultural spaces
Transformative learning
Women in higher education leadership in Africa


PhD in Higher Education and Student Affairs (2015)- Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (2010)- Ohio University Athens, Ohio
Bachelors of Education, Kenyatta University, Nairobi Kenya

Courses Taught

SWAH 201: Elementary Swahili I
SWAH: 202: Elementary Swahili II
SWAH 403: Intermediate Swahili I
SWAH 404: Intermediate Swahili II
SWAH 405: Advanced Swahili I
SWAH 406: Advanced Swahili II
SWAH 407: Topics in Swahili Language and Literature I
SWAH 408: Topics in Swahili Language and Literature II
LING 404: Tutorial in Non-Western Languages

Additional Campus Affiliations

Senior Lecturer, Linguistics